About us

The association of three reputable construction companies created the



3KBuildings , was created by a partnership of three companies, each of which has been active in the construction industry for over 20 years.

Our long experience, excellent know-how and specialization in every field relevant to our field, are those features that help us to consistently, professionally and responsibly deliver high quality projects, always with the guarantee of excellent quality.

3K Buildings, undertakes construction, renovations, sales, maintenance in shopping malls, department stores, hotel facilities, dining areas, private residences, as well as specialized construction.

The largest companies that have entrusted us with work on their premises include the Golden Hall Shopping Center and the Jumbo Department Store, as well as many public (EYDAP, THEMIDOS BELLHATRON, MUSEUM OF CHANIA) as well as private companies (ROYAL APOL ONE, MYTHICAL BLUE LUXURY SUITES).

Company dynamic

Our team includes experienced engineers, approved designers and specialized technical associates who, all in all, guarantee the delivery of the projects within the pre-agreed time, strict adherence to the technical specifications of each project, thereby ensuring, of excellent quality.

We consider it self-evident to use the most recognized quality materials at competitive cost, tailored to the individual needs of each of our customers. Our long-standing presence in construction, renovation and sales enables us to provide the best quality at the most competitive prices.

Our ally in our endeavors is our firm, well-trained and fully-qualified partners, who evaluate and study each project in detail in order to achieve the correct cost estimation as well as the timing of its implementation and delivery.